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“Practicing Qigong is so simple and so powerful. You cannot do it wrong. You can only do it good, better, or best!”

 - Qigong Master Chunyi Lin


Shibashi Qigong classes are currently still available to join online via Zoom


Mondays - 17:30-18:30

Thursdays - 17:30-18:30


Contact Justine for information on how to login if you would like to take part.


Wear loose comfortable clothing, for Qigong you can wear flat soled indoor shoes or socks. 
If possible bring a yoga mat and you may wish to bring a cushion or blanket for the relaxation.
(At Ochilview Therapies we have yoga mats, cushions and blankets available to use)
Private or one to one sessions of Qigong and Meditation at the Clinic are available upon request.

“The Oriental approach to health has always been to increase one's vitality and to ward off illness rather than to fight an illness after getting it. The ideal is to maintain optimum health and vitality so that diseases can be easily avoided.”

 - Shizuto Masunaga



Nourish your body and soul with this holistic bodywork therapy that encourages inner harmony and equilibrium for a healthy life.

75 minute appointment - £50

Block of 5 - £225






30 minutes - £35
  • Shiatsu is a natural healing discipline that originates in Japan, it stimulates and aims to rebalance the body’s vital energy flow (known as ‘Ki’ in Japanese) in order to promote good health.


  • Similar to Acupunture it springs from ancient Oriental principals though the practitioner uses thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and sometimes feet to apply pressure, rather than needles. 

  • Using acupressure points, deep penetration and active stretches, it releases tension and promotes awareness of correct posture.


  • A regular Shiatsu session can make a real difference to your quality of life, physically and emotionally.


  • A Shiatsu session takes place on a futon on the floor with the aid of cushions and blankets to ensure total comfort, and unlike most massage therapies the client remains fully clothed throughout the session.​

  • A one hour full body session is tailored to the specific needs of the client by drawing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zen Shiatsu principles to diagnose and treat imbalances. 


  • Shiatsu is excellent for promoting relaxation and helps prevent the build-up of stress. As a holistic therapy it works on the individual as a complete being, not just the physical body but also on an emotional, spiritual and/or mental level. It may produce long-term changes to your health and well-being as well as relieving general muscle tension and aiding joint mobility.

  • Treatment will encourage smooth flow of energy (Ki) along the meridians of the body and the expression of the Chinese 5 Elements in your life will be considered in order to foster a harmonious balance. 

  • Justine will provide you with a unique experience, instigating healing and personal growth in different aspects of your life.

  • Clients are asked to wear comfortable, loose clothing, with long sleeves and socks to ensure full comfort during the session.

  • If you are unsure if Shiatsu will be suitable for you please contact Justine. 

  • A seated Shiatsu session  can be a great introduction for those new to Shiatsu.

  • As it focuses on the client's upper body it is excellent for helping to release muscular tension that is often the result of stress.

  • Seated shiatsu is a very relaxing experience that can help to calm the mind, promote relaxation and in turn improve your mood, relieve tension and aid your sleep.

  • A seated shiatsu session takes place on a chair or stool rather than a futon on the floor so this may be an option if you have limited mobility.



Taiji Shibashi Qigong is a form commonly practiced in China and South East Asia. It is a Qigong form that incorporates some of the best healing movements from Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Though there are similarities between Tai Chi and Qigong the main difference is that Qigong does not focus on the martial aspect of the exercises the way Tai chi does, rather the focus is on boosting your Qi and in turn your overall health and wellbeing. 

Qigong is the art of working with energy, (Qi or Ki) which in Oriental principals is your life energy which runs in channels or meridians throughout the body.  To the viewer it may look like slowed down aerobics but is in fact much more than that. The physical movements are there to prompt internal movement in the practitioner's Qi.  Practicing the movement and simply moving slowly is not Qigong, the most important aspect of the practice is the internal flow of Qi. This is achieved through breathing and focus. 



  • The class begins with a warm up sequence called Do-in (or Dao Yin) which means "leading and guiding the Qi" These exercises are designed to activate your Qi using acupressure and tapping self massage to prepare you for doing Qigong.

  • Then you will be guided through the 18 step Shibashi sequence which takes around 30-35 minutes to complete. The instructor leads the movements and guides the class through the sequence step by step with instructions on posture, breathing and actions. 

  • At the end of the class you will get comfortable for a guided relaxation which will help you to gain the ultimate benefit from the Qigong. You will be led through various visualisations, mindfulness and breathing as you allow the Qi that you have generated to nourish your body.


From beginners to the more experienced all are welcome in class. Qigong is extremely gentle and one of the key aspects of the practice is that you work within your own limits whatever those may be. The entire class can also be done seated with just as much benefit. Everyone progresses at their own pace and takes what they need from the class. Consecutive attendances is not important and no prior knowledge is required to take part. The movements are easy and quick to learn, but improving on the correct posture and developing awareness of your Qi is an ongoing process that will never end. The more you practice Qi Gong the more healing benefits you will get from it.


"a state in which the body is relaxed, the mind is quiet, and we are alive to the sensations of the moment." - E Harrison

Through meditating we can begin to transform our mind: developing concentration, calmness and clarity. Meditation practice helps you to learn your mind’s patterns and habits and to encourage new, more positive, states of mind. It takes regular practice and patience to develop a positive way of being, but doing so is extremely nourishing and can result in a calm, peaceful  and energised state of mind, in turn leading to a new understanding of life.




Learn how to reduce stress levels, focus the mind, boost your wellbeing, deepen your awareness and connect with your purpose.

In each class we will come together as a group to support each other as we practice a variety of different meditation techniques.

Offering a safe space for everyone, from beginners to experienced and encourage sharing and discussion of our practice in order to learn with and from each other.

Book a place by contacting Justine: 

07791926167 /




Justine is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner, she is a certified Shibashi Qigong instructor and also holds a Teachers Diploma Certificate in Meditation Tuition.

She achieved a 1st class BA in Dance and a Diploma in Dance Studies and has since been exploring the therapeutic effect of physical movement on the body, mind and spirit. She began training in Tai Chi and Qigong in 2011 in Yangshuo China where she discovered her passion for Qigong and later completed her instructor training in 2015 with San Bao Martial Arts School in Scotland.

Justine carried out her Shiatsu training at The Shiatsu School Edinburgh and The East West Shiatsu School and graduated in August 2017.

She found Shiatsu training to be more than just learning a skill but the gateway to a new lifestyle and method of personal development. The principles common to both Shiatsu and Qigong inspire balance, personal growth and awareness in one's life and it is a joy to help others tap into this innate wisdom of the body. Justine loves supporting clients as they navigate their lives by offering a place for them to listen to their body and receive what it needs.




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