Summer Holiday Dates

Please note there will be no classes at Ochilview Therapies on the following dates:

Saturday   8th    June 

Tuesday    11th  June 

Saturday   15th  June 

Tuesday    2nd   July 

Saturday   6th    July

Tuesday    9th    July 



Taiji Shibashi Qigong is a form commonly practiced in China and South East Asia. It is a Qigong form that incorporates some of the best healing movements from Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.


Qigong is the art of working with energy, (Qi) which in Oriental principals is your life energy which runs in channels or meridians throughout the body.  To the viewer it may look like slowed down aerobics but is in fact much more than that. The physical movements are there to prompt internal movement in the practitioner's Qi.  Practicing the movement and simply moving slowly is not Qigong, the most important aspect of the practice is the internal flow of Qi. This is achieved through breathing and focus. 


Consecutive attendances is not important and no prior knowledge is required to take part. The movements are easy and quick to learn, but improving on the correct posture and developing awareness of your energy (Qi) is an ongoing process that will never end. The more you practice Qi Gong the more healing benefits you will get from it.


Be sure to drink plenty of fluids following practice to prevent becoming dehydrated.


If you have any health issues you wish to discuss with me before you start, please email me on 



Relief from stress


Improved balance


Gentle exercise


Better breathing


More strength


Increased mobility and flexibility


Improved concentration

Better co-ordination


More confidence


Improved sleep


Relaxation and calm











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